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Monthly Packages

Hybrid Service (Spa + Regular cleaning)


2 days in a week exterior cleaning, Monthly once Complete Exterior spa, Monthly once Deep Interior spa

Starts at Rs 549

Extra Care

Alternate day exterior cleaning, Monthly once Complete Exterior spa, Monthly once deep Interior spa

Starts at Rs 699

Total Care

Alternate day exterior cleaning, Monthly twice Complete Exterior spa, Monthly twice Deep Interior spa,

Starts at Rs 999

Trial Pack

Alternate day exterior cleaning for a week with one complete exterior spa

Starts at Rs 299

Spa Service


Monthly 3 complete exterior spa & one deep interior spa

Starts at Rs 499

Regular Clean

Eco clean (3 Months Package)

Alternate day Exterior cleaning with monthly one Eco interior clean

Starts at Rs 1499

Service Detail

• Removal of dust from car exterior body using high quality wax coated duster
• Cleaning car exterior using waterless washing liquid and 340GSM high quality color coded
Microfibre Towels (separate towels for dirt removal and drying/Buffing.
• Exterior Glass cleaning using glass cleaner.
• Removal of dust from car dashboard and central console using Microfibre Towel and Interior cleaner
• Cleaning of door pads and glass interior
• Cleaning of car mats.
• Our hybrid wash brings best of both worlds- saves water using rinseless technology while
removing extreme dirt with high pressure chemical jet
• Makes use of high grade Brazilian carnauba wax for protection- brings shine, water
bedding & UV protection
• Lubricates the car surface, lifts dirt and encapsulates it for smooth removal
• Complete exterior body washing using DEGA hybrid wash
• Complete exterior wax protection
• Wheel arch and running board cleaning
• Tyre and rim dressing
• Windshield, mirrors and side glass cleaning using glass detailer
• Interior Dry vacuuming
• Dashboard, Door-pads, steering wheel and gear knob dressing
• Rear boot and door sills cleaning
• Car seats will be cleaned using leather detailer or fabric detailer depending on the car.
• Car interior glass cleaning
• Door beading cleaning
• DEGA Deep Exterior SPA
• Bumper and grill detailing and dressing
• Complete car exterior decontamination using clay bar
• IPA wiping
• Paint correction and polishing for removal of paint oxidation, minor scratches and swirl
marks etc.
• Brings the surface to silky smooth texture and shine
• Protection using synthetic sealant / paste wax
• Complete Deep Interior SPA
• Dashboard, steering wheel, Door pads and gear knob deep cleaning and sanitization
• Protection of interior trim from UV using Interior Trim protectant
• Rear boot and door sills dressing
• Car interior glass cleaning
• Door beading fungus and mould removal.
• Seat detailing and restoration of original finish by removing light to medium stains and
• Sanitization of car seats and roof.
• Complete Engine bay cleaning and degreasing without causing any issues to electrical
components using special APC
• Drying and polishing engine cover
• Deep cleaning of car seats and arm rests
• Restoration of original finish by removing light to medium stains and fungus.
• Complete grill and trim detailing using grill restorer.
• Restores faded and browned out exterior grill and trim to original black color.
• Protection from UV fading using Trim protectant.
• Approximate 1-2 hrs required depending on the car
• Complete interior trim deep cleaning using Trim detailer.
• Removal of dirt and stains from door pads and dashboard
• Complete vacuuming of roof trim
• Protection from UV fading using Trim protectant.
• Remove water spot from the windshield or side glass
• Improves optical clarity of side glass and windshield
• Make the glass surface silky smooth.
• Removes Mineral deposit from the edges of door etc.
• Polishing of logo using chrome polish
• Removes extreme dirt from wheel arch using high pressure chemical jet
• Cleaning of running board and alloys.
• Tyre polishing and rim dressing
• We provide all car accessories as per customer request
• Customers can also purchase accessories online or from wherever they want and get it
installed at their doorstep.
• All car accessories will be fitted according to customer requirement at doorstep
• Kindly contact us for more details
• All regular services will be done at the parking slot.
• No waste generation or mess-up of parking slot with oil dirt etc.
• OEM spare parts will be used
• Most breakdown services also can be done at parking slot itself or at the garage.
• Transparency of billing.
• Kindly contact us for more details
• Eco Interior clean service can be availed on any weekday between 10 am and 6 pm as per customer
• Vacuuming is not included in Eco Interior Clean service.
• Car keys will be collected from the doorstep.
• Regular Exterior cleaning will be done as per the time slot selected. Kindly make sure that the
vehicle is parked in the parking lot during the slot.
• Car keys not required for alternate day Exterior Cleaning.
• If you need any change in the time slot kindly inform us in advance. New time slot will become
active within 72 hours.
• Package will be valid for 30 days from the date of first service.
• For any additional services subscribers can purchase Add-ons as per their convenience.
  • Complete Exterior Spa
  • Deep Interior Spa
  • Engine Bay Detailing
  • Seat Detailing
  • Grill and Trim Detailing
  • Interior Trim Detail
  • Mineral Deposit Removal
  • Waterspot Removal
  • Wheel Arch & Running Board Cleaning
  • DEGA Premium Exterior Detailing
  • DEGA Premium Exterior Detailing- Topup coat
  • DEGA Signature Interior Detailing & Sanitisation

Value Added Services

  • Vechicle health checkup
  • Complete oil level checkup
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Wash fluid level check
  • Puncture fix
  • Jump starting